Gas And Solar Appliances was established with creation of sustainable lifestyles in mind.

Our country cannot sustain our current lifestyles without having power outages to help lessen the load of electrical demand on the national grid.

Gas and Solar Appliances makes it easier for the average person or household to be able to live a sustainable lifestyle without having to rely on the power utility company.

Most of South African homes and businesses are designed with having electricity as their main source of energy. With the escalating prices of electricity as well as impending power outages, majority of the population is seeking alternate energy sources. This is where Gas and Solar Appliances comes in.  In order to achieve a sustainable lifestyle, we offer alternate energy sources, such as gas appliances, paraffin and solar systems.

Gas and Solar Appliances has your best interest at heart, and gives you piece of mind, by saving you money in the long run off your electrical bill.

Excellent Service!

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