Why Choose A Gas Geyser This Winter

Winter is here and that means it’s time to cuddle up in cozy blankets and take warm showers in the morning because a cold shower doesn’t sound exciting in this chilly morning breeze. To ensure that you survive the winter days you will need to invest in a quality water heater and getting a gas geyser will help you fight the cold days by ensuring that you never run out of hot water this season. For some people gas geysers can cause some confusion because of the name itself as some refer to them as gas water heaters because this is a more fitting name since that’s exactly what gas geysers do, they heat water using a gas flame.

This article will address this confusing topic and provide you with reasons why you should consider getting a gas geyser this winter. But before that, let’s first unpack how gas geysers work. 

How does a gas geyser work?

Unlike traditional geysers that store water and heat it over time,  gas geysers do not have the capacity to store large amounts of water internally. Gas geysers rather heat water on demand and have a constant flow of heated water with immediate supply, making them a reliable source of hot water in households. To put it in simple terms, gas geysers only heat water when your hot water tap is turned on. They use liquid petroleum gas for heating and they have no limit to the amount of water they can heat. An advantage of using gas geysers is they don’t depend on electricity, making them a great choice during the load shedding woes. 

Benefits of gas geysers

  • Gas geyser working allows you complete control of the level and rate of heating: they provide you the power to control the level and rate of heating because they heat water based on the amount required. 
  • They can run on both, pipeline natural gas and through household gas cylinders: a gas geyser heats water by using a gas burner located below a big tank form where the water is delivered through the pipes. And during the course of heating, pressure accumulates in the geyser and the pressure valve intervenes and discharges the pressure.
  • Ideal for large families: in homes where there are many people, you might find that there is a high number of water usage which requires a sufficient supply of hot water on a daily basis for things like bathing, washing the dishes or clothes. A gas geyser is the perfect choice as it has a quicker recovery rate to ensure a constant supply of warm water. 
  • They are cheap and easy to maintain: the cost of buying a gas geyser is low and they are much more affordable than electric geysers making them cost-effective because they only switch on when the hot tap is opened. They are also very easy to repair and maintenance on them is cheap. 
  • They don’t require power to run: this is good choice to get you off the grid because gas geysers work even during load shedding especially for areas that have frequent power outages.

Why you should get a gas geyser?

  • Quick to install: installing a gas geyser takes about 4-5 hours on average. While replacing or doing maintenance on your already existing one will take less than 8 hours and is usually done by a professional. 
  • Require less space: gas geysers do not require a large space for it to be installed in your home so don’t waste money on large appliances when a small cost effective solution is available. They are generally small in size and versatile. You also have the flexibility of positioning your geyser either indoors, outdoors, in your garage or on the wall outside.
  • Save money & water: gas geysers do not store hot water but rather heat the water on the go. This means you will be saving water because you don’t need to run the water for minutes before it heats up. So using less water and less gas will save you money this winter. 

Be assured that our gas geysers are safe

Our Zero Appliances gas geysers have multiple built in safety features from flame failure protection to ignition methods and built-in time devices. Gas geysers are built with a linked water and gas ignition process. This means that the geyser will only function if both factors are present. Our control boxes are designed with automatic flame failure protection to prevent flammable gas from going to the burner of a gas appliance if the flame is extinguished. They also have a 20 minute built-in time device and indicator that will not allow gas to go through to the burners when no flame is present to prevent a dangerous buildup of gas. All installations should be done by an Authorised Gas Practitioner to ensure that it is safe for household use. 

Is one gas geyser enough for household use?

In case you are wondering, yes but here are a few things to consider:

  • The efficiency on the gas geyser depends on the distance from the geyser to the places of application. So measure your placement for installation accordingly. 
  • Two bathrooms can be run off one geyser but they need to be within 10m of the gas geyser.
  • If your bathrooms are both within 5m of the gas geyser but your kitchen is further away, consider getting one gas geyser for your bathroom and a smaller one for the kitchen.

Choose the right one for you 

At Gas & Solar we have a range of gas geysers from Zero Appliances that you can choose from. When choosing the right size one important factor to consider is the flow rate of your taps, which is measured in litres per minute. This is the amount of water that comes out of your taps in one minute. So this means a 16 L gas geyser can heat 16 litres of water a minute. Our gas geysers are available in a variety of sizes ranging from a portable 5.5L gas geyser to 20L capacity per minute. Visit Gas & Solar today and buy the right one for you this winter! 

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